Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED website of Jenny Jag-Wear Design!


This new and improved website to Jenny Jag-Wear Design has been long over-due, and nearing completion. In reality, however, my website will never be complete....it will always be a work in progress, updating and adding new designs and styles - all contingent on how readily I create the finished product relative to the barrage of ideas and creative images that I have floating in my mind. 

Each of these creations are One-of-a-Kind - all sewn, embellished and designed by me. These ideas all take time. This is not an off-shore venture of mass production. What fun is that? Each handbag is as unique as the individual that will own it. There-in lies the passion of Jenny Jag-Wear Design.

Perhaps I was born in the wrong era - my affection for classic style, vintage lines, elegance, and simplicity all mixed with the occasional eccentricity has always been part of who I am and how I present myself to be. So too  these values are demonstrated in my collection of handbags, evening bags and accessories. 


-Jenny Jag-Wear


"The cleft between respectable exterior and intensely private interior is what gives the handbag such erotic and transgressive charge. It is perhaps a woman's last secret place" - HANDBAGS: The Power of the Purse, Anna Johnson.


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